It is pretty safe to say that if there is ever going to be economic prosperity in the African-American community, which has not been seen since the days of “Black Wallstreet” or the “Harlem Renaissance” of the 1920’s. That economic rebirth will be fueled and powered by the African-American woman.

In the 2015 state of women-owned business report by fortune magazine stated that businesses by African-American women had grown a massive 332% since 1997.

Which means the African-American women are the fasting growing group of new entrepreneurs in America.

For additional information use the link :

Black Women Represent Fastest-Growing Group Of Entrepreneurs In U.S.


      • This is another big discussion area which you could put out as a post for debate. Your blog is a fantastic arena for black direct action. Hey it’s fitting that I use that phrase. I used to be a volunteer for a community group called Black Direct Action. We were quite active and effective in our day. I’m working on material for this and may distribute as a post or ebook or poetry, not decided yet. Anyway great post!

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