1. I don´t see the racism news here, not at this time in the year 2016. Are there some racist people, sure they are. Like here in Spain,but a systematic racism…I don´t see that. Look at that alumni he went there and he´s a judge, as well as his two sons or a daughter. So as I see it, this Vice news, they come back and back again to do some manifestation to remember, the 60´s! I think you guys should move on. You do have a black president last time I checked that was elected the first term by over 70% of the American electorate and roughly 12% of blacks make the U.S population. So putting one and then another one together that makes two, so conclusion the majority of whitey´s out there put a black man as president of the U.S. Although I don´t agree with his policies. But that´s another subject matter.

    To me this vice news it seems they contradict themselves in the same paragraph. They´re telling you about racism and then telling you that at the party only black athletes where allowed. Go figure that one out. Plus I did see in the video other black students at that party, overall White? Obviously, since the majority of the population is white. I didn´t see real hard new or good investigating reporting here, they just remembered the past that´s all I got about it.

    The real news here is how all this bunch of rich kids are throwing away their parents money with so much party going on, and the second new is how in the world can I get into one of those parties, you saw the girls?

    • You think we need to move on, well I know you need to know educate yourself, first America was recently called out on racism by the United Nations. http://newsone.com/3049930/un-committee-racial-discrimination/

      2nd . You are a white man in a country dominated by white men, so you have not experienced racism the same way I have not experienced sexism or Homophobia.

      3rd. Saying Obama is president so systematic white supremacy does not exist, is like saying racism during slavery was not as bad because some black people owned slaves. Obama is a token. You noticed he preached about gay rights but has said nothing about the racism the United Nations spoke about. It’s the one negro at a time rule, my brother and I live mostly in white areas, we get treated ok, “white flight” does not happen until more black people start moving into the community.

      4th.White supremacy hate groups since obama election have increased not decreased.


      5. Let me educate you on American politics, claiming the University is not racist because they let some black people in is not true. Because if the University would refuse to let people in it would get sued and probably be at risk of not getting any federal money, so they have to let a few in. If they didn’t all of their best athletes would leave haha ( sad but true)!

      Lastly : the system becomes racist not because the Federal Government has some evil plan to disenfranchised blacks like they did in the 1960’s , systematic white supremacy exists because those racist college students on campus will eventually get jobs in the system as politicians, teachers, cops, real estate people, bankers, etc.

      The system is not a machine but is made up of we the people, so if a portion of the people have that belief and practice it, a certain amount of the system will be made up of systematic white supremacy.

  2. I have a small piece to add to that. I hope that I don’t offend anyone and if I do its not my intension, Saying that.. There has always been a problem with race and chances are it will be there for a while. I also think the news likes to make ratings by bumping things up at times. In South Africa we had a problem, for the most part we have moved on. I have since been pasted over on a few opportunities because I am white!!!! so now its the other way around. My family were never kept as slaves and nothing can ever make up for that but we need to move on. Its beyond a joke now ,skin shade does not make the man. I am old enough that I have seen before and after our change of government, nothing irritates me more than seeing kids at a university that I could not get into because they needed black numbers then half destroy the place. Reason why ….Because one of the founders was a white guy from the old days. This man made sure that some kids who could not afford to pay but had promise could get a free education.( Most were non white) Kids who were born into a Free South Africa (18-20) who have no clue what act happened here felt it was wrong to have any association with this man and protested .Free university for everyone and anyone!!! No I am not kidding.
    Now there are no scholarships for anyone at all. How smart is that. If we see a real problem rearing its head then we must deal with it at once, However we can never heal if we continue to scratch the wound. People in power will hang on as long as they can. If the people want a pink president it will eventually come around, question is has anything act changed or are the masters appeasing the masses. Dan

    • My family is from Africa too, and from what I do know about South Africa is not when the apartheid ended, whites never had to give back the years of generational wealth, or land they stole, and even if your family did not own slaves, they still benefited greatly from the system.

      I don’t think this video is bumping things up, I think it reminds people that as far as we have come, we still have a long way to go.

      And as far as unqualified black students at college, well if they are unqualified, I would blame that on the crappy education system that was forced on them, and I would also say I’m sure there are many unqualified whites on campus too, they just happened to have the right connections and money, like the C- student George w. BUSH , who got into Yale University.

      • Well thank you for the reply. I am pleased to tell you that there has been lots of land as well as housing returned as far as possible. But were does one stop! As I said nothing will make up for the things in our past. However we must move forward. A country is for its people, all its people. Not for the political aspirations of a few. Black, White, Yellow,Green it makes no difference to me. What really counts is that we can move forward as people for the people.Likewise people must think of the country. At present our president is letting us down, lining his and his friends pockets at the cost of his countrymen. Thanks Again for the blog. Dan

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